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No More Guilty Shopping


your closet

here you can make your own virtual closet based on the real closet you have at home. pick items from the list and start matching them

Your Shopping Bag

here you can put the details of your shopping-items while you shop. together with your virtual closet you can use this details to optimize your shopping

Your budget

here you can put your monthly shopping budget details. this way you can track and control on your monthly expenses

kiss and tell

here you can share about your shopping and your closet with others. you can also find items that others shared by putting the keeword you looking for

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how clothes-it helps me?

 have you ever came home after shopping all happy but realized that you bought almost the same jense that you already have? or you boght a relly cool dress to wear to the party tonight but you just dont have fit shoes to wear it with?

well we have, and we know how much frustrating can it be.

in clothes it we help you to make your shopping exprience smarter, and save your money. and you also can have some fun while doing it.

so if you love shopping, but still wanna save some money- welcome to clothes-it!

lets play!<<<<

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500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158


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